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Stone Sour

Originally formed in 1992 by Taylor and drummer Joel Ekman, Stone Sour is the product of ten years‘ worth of determination, patience and creative expression.

As intoxicating as the libation it was named after (1 part whiskey and a splash of orange juice and sour mix), Stone Sour is a Molotov cocktail  – 1 part pure rock adrenaline with a splash of melody. „We are melodic hard-rock with content and initiative,“ explains Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. „Stone Sour allows me to execute the writing style that I love and can’t necessarily do with Slipknot.“ While still embracing the heaviness true to the fundamentals of Taylor and Root’s other band, Stone Sour offers a more introspective and intimate take on music, thus the absence of their masks while performing with Stone Sour.